Gulf Western

Gulf Western Oils - The company remains fully Australian owned and operated by the Vicary family. Peter Vicary and his two sons Ben and Andrew founded Gulf Western Oil in 1988 for the sole purpose to design an oil specific to the Australian market. Australia has embraced this concept and over the last 28 years Gulf Western has become a leader in their field.Gulf Western Product Range include: COMMERCIAL & HEAVY DUTY ENGINE OILS, PASSENGER CAR ENGINE OILS, HYDRAULIC OILS, GEAR LUBRICANTS, TRANSMISSION FLUIDS, GREASES, COOLANTS & CLEANERS, BRAKE FLUIDS, HYDRAULIC JACK OIL, POWER STEERING FLUIDSTop Dog XDO® 15W-40Top Dog Global® Mineral 15W-40Top Dog Global® Plus 10W-40Euro-Syn Long Drain 10W-40Synfleet MX 10W-40Turbo Diesel LA 15W-40Farmoil STOU 15W-40Turboil 40 - SAE 40Turboil 30 - SAE 30Monoil 30 - SAE 30Top Gas 600 SAE 40Euro Energy 5W-30Euro Force 5W-30Euro Ultra 5W-30Energy Plus 5W-30Syn-X 4000 5W-30Syn-X 7000 5W-30Syn-X 6000 5W-40Syn-X 3000™ 10W-40Premium Energy® 10W-30Premium Gold 15W-40Hi Tech Premium 20W-50Protecta Ultra 15W-50Protecta Multi Valve 15W-50XMP 20W-50Gulf 1 10W-60Comp 50 Plus 25W-70Syn-Star 0W-30Syn-Star LV 0W-20Syn-X 5000 10W-40Superdraulic Range ISO 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 & 220Hi Temp Superdraulic 46, 68 & 100Gulf Harvester VG 46 & 68Zinc Free Hydraulic 46 & 68Biodraulic Syn FR VG 46 & 68C4 Hydraulic Fluid 10WGear Lube 80W-90Gear Lube GL-5 85W-140Gear Lube LS 90Low Vis 75W-90Ultra Clear Gear Oil Limited Slip 80W-90Ultra Clear Gear Oil Diff Lube LS 80W-140Ultra Clear Gear Oil Low Vis 75W-90Low Vis Plus 75W-85Ultra Drive 90Syn-TS 10WATF - Dexron III 10WATF Type 95LETorque Oil - 10W, 30, 50 & 60Syn-Torque 50Syn-CVT Fluid™Agriblue 10W-30Agritrans 10W-20Power Train Fluid 60Transyn-MFSuper Blue GreaseRed Lith Tak GreaseBlack Tak Molyplex GreaseTruck & Farm GreaseAll Fleet Concentrate & 50% Premix CoolantGulf 90+ Anti-FreezeSolvent Based DegreaserSuper Blue Truck WashGreen Kleen Hand CleanerCitra Grit Hand CleanerSpill Fix Sweep KitBrake CleanerDrill Rod GreaseLong Life Organic Concentrated Coolant?Industrial Gear Oil Range ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680 & 800Syn-Gear Industrial Oil Range ISO 100, 150, 220, 320 & 460Mineral Compressor VG Range 46, 68 & 100Ultra Clear Compressor VG 46 & 68Tacway 68 & 220Supertak - Chain BarAir Tool Oil ISO 32Hydraulic Jack Oil ISO 32Power Steering FluidDot 4 Brake FluidLawn Mower Oil SAE 30Outboard TC-W3 Two-StrokeOutboard FC-W Four-Stroke 10W-40Two Stroke - Air CooledSolcut E.PLoco Oil 13Loco Oil 9Tyre ShineBrake CleanerCarby & Throttle Body CleanerHeavy Duty DegreaserMulti-Purpose DWF Spray