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Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 is a synthetic SAE 5W-40 multigrade engine oil with intelligent molecules that cling and bond to metal surfaces giving extra protection against engine wear, protecting vital components at start-up and during warm-up better than any "normal" oil can.
Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 integrates Unique Molecular Attraction with Castrol-s proven advanced lubrication technology to deliver exceptional performance in all conditions, whether stop-start city or highway driving.
Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 contains a synthetic ester unique to Castrol. The molecules of the ester are strongly attracted to metal surfaces, forming a film on these surfaces that provides enhanced wear protection in the engine. The protective film of lubricant provided by this Unique Molecular Attraction remains adhered to internal metal surfaces when the engine is idle or switched off for weeks or months.

Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 combines the unique protection of Castrol UMA technology with outstanding low temperature fluidity and high temperature protection.

Castrol Magnatec Professional 5W-40 is suitable for the majority of modern petrol and diesel passenger car, 4-wheel drives and light commercial vehicles. It is suitable for both turbocharged and
naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engines.

Recommended for the following passenger car models:
- Jaguar XJR, XJ8, XK8, XKR 3.2, 4.0, 4.0 Litre Supercharged.
?- Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Freelander - Petrol and Diesel including Td5.
- Range Rover - Petrol and Diesel.
- Volvo Pre 2004 S40, S60, Pre 2002 C70, S70, S90, V40, Pre 2007 V70, V90, 850, 940, 960.
- Saab - Models prior to 2001.
- Mazda - all cars, commercials and 4-wheel drives.
- Ford - imported models and BA XR6 Turbo.
- Holden - Barina SB, XC; Astra AH?TR, TS Sri, diesel; Vectra JR, JS, ZC; Calibra; Cruze, Zafira;
- Jackaroo petrol and diesel models.
- Honda - all models.
- Hyundai - models using 15,000 km service intervals, turbo diesel engines.
- Mitsubishi - Lancer, CC, CD, CE; Magna TE/TF, TH, TJ; Verada KE/KF, KH, KJ; 380.
- Peugeot ? 206, 306, 405, 406, 605 - petrol and diesel models.
- Subaru - Impreza 2 Litre, WRX; Forester, Liberty, Outback.
- Toyota - all multivalve engines.

Product Feature Benefits
- Excellent oxidation stability.  
- Suitable for high temperature and extended drain service.  
- Complies with Australian motor industry agreed limit on phosphorus content of engine oil.  
- Helps ensure vehicle emission control system remains efficient. and effective.
- Very fluid at low temperatures. Improved engine responsiveness and fuel efficiency.
- Excellent viscosity?temperature characteristics.  
- Easy and responsive cold start performance for the latest engines together with excellent highway
and high temperature performance.
- Compatible with seals normally found in engines. No special change over procedure required, long
seal life can be expected.
- Compatible with normal mineral oil. No special flushing procedure needed when changing from mineral to synthetic oil.
- Long service interval performance. Added protection for those people who "forget" and over run recommended service intervals, as well as potentially lower maintenance costs and greater vehicle
- Specially selected synthetic base fluids and additive system.
- Improved cold start fluidity, much greater resistance to chemical degradation, longer service life, lower friction and improved wear protection.

This product replaces Castrol Magnatec 5W-40 SP

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