Q85R SIS Active EFB 55D23R RedPoint Batt
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Q85R SIS Active EFB 55D23R RedPoint Batt


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Q85R RedPoint Stop-Start batteries are specially designed to meet the high demands of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop-Start systems (ISS), providing constant power to run your on-board electrics while the engine is off and instant superior starting power. Our range includes AGM and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) to suit any of your vehicle requirements delivering rapid recharge and high cyclic capabilities, we ensure peace of mind as our batteries give ongoing performance to handle the demands of today?s modern vehicles.

Dimensions 231 × 172 × 220 mm

458EFB, BREQ85R, KEFB55D23R, MFD23EFR, Q85115D23R, Q85R, Q85RMF, SQ85D23REFB, SSEFBD23R

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