86ZMF 1000 G31- 1000 RedPoint Battery
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86ZMF 1000 G31- 1000 RedPoint Battery


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86ZMF RedPoint Commercial batteries are built tough, with a strong and durable design suitable for a variety of commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. Using advanced internal components such as punched grid technology and a specially structured sealed cover our RedPoint Commercial batteries provide superb starting power and long service life.

Dimensions 332 × 174 × 236 mm

1152422, 1231MF, 1754370, 311000, 311100CMF, 31900, 31901, 31950, 31P950, 385, 485, 4861, 7T31P, 86, 8602, 8624, 86MF, 86Z, 86ZMF, 8902, 8C3633, bre86ZMF, G1, G31, G31-1000, HCC31SC, KG31950, MF31931, MF31P850, MF31S1000, MF31S900, N86 CP, S31901MF, TMN87LZ, TY25879

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